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The Quahog Comedy Circuit is a premier traveling comedy show which can bless almost any venue with an upscale comedy club vibe within minutes. It was created by comedian Dale Cover – inspired to blend technology and creativity to showcase the Funniest Comedians Under the Brightrst Lights.

What sets the Quahog Comdy Circuit apart from other comedy shows is that the term “Circuit” in its namesake has a dual meaning. Circuit is also the name of the interactive stage which can run a number of multimedia programs to allow Circuit, a SERI like persona, to interact with the audience using a sequence of call and response challenges. For example, Circuit tells the audience that the show cannot start unless the stage is “unlocked”. In order to unlock the stage the audience must work together to solve a number of challenges that involve guessing the name of or singing along with popular songs.

Quahog Comedy Circuit – Available for comedy shows, private events, birthdays and fundraisers.

A new challenge that is currently in production will require the audience to unlock the stage by coming up with answers and singing along to 80s television sitcom theme songs. The challenges are meant to be super easy, engaging and fun.

It is this innovative and creative thinking that sets the Quahog Comedy Circuit apart from its peers creating a one of a kind experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Engineering software is what I was trained to do. Performing stand up comedy is what I was born to do. Blending the two together is what I’m supposed to do.

~ Comedian Dale Cover

The founder of the Quahog Comedy Circuit, Dale Cover, says that he believes the best comedians can be found working the underground circuits and not necessarily in comedy clubs. Although the talent found in comedy clubs is superb, there are a lot of equally and often superior talented comedians who for whatever reason don’t get the opportunity or just frankly prefer the freedom and excitement of this type of work.

I’m a classic comedian. I think stand up comedy is a comic, a stool and a microphone. I’m not interested in changing that one bit. But we must not forget that we are entertainers. Our job is to entertain. So when you leave your home to come out and enjoy stand up comedy with us on the Quahog Comedy Circuit, you are going to get an entire production. And who knows. It might be in your neighborhood.

~ Comedian Dale Cover
Quahog Comedy Circuit – Assembly in 30 min

The Quahog Comedy Circuit is also available for your next fundraiser, corporate event, retirement, birthday party or Saturday night at your venue. Almost any respectable venue can host an event on the QCC. We typically like to work with clients that have a desire to wow their event attendees with something classy and different so if that’s you, the QCC would like to hear from you.

Comedian Dale Cover has shared the stage with comedy greats such as Michael Blackson and Aries Spears.

Gone viral in 2019 being featured in dozens of online blogs and news outlets including Alex Jones’ Infowars for his hilarious take on the Jussie Smollett scandal called The Truth About Jussie.

Owner of Overbooked LLC and creator of the overbooked app and, a mobile app to help independent artist build their fans base.

Dale also has a traveling comedy show called the Quahog Comedy Circuit which blends technology and creativity to bring the stage to life and Showcase the Funniest Comedians Under the Brightest Lights.

Comedian Dale Cover – WBRU 101.1 FM w DJ Franchize – The Franchize Report

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