Avoid 2 Top Reasons Restaurants Fail

Your restaurant has an 80% chance of failing within 5 years due to a lack of repeat customers and weak marketing according to this Ohio State University Study. But if your restaurant has an event room or banquet hall the Quahog Comedy Circuit can put your brand in front of thousands and bring hundreds through the door.

For instance:We partnered with Fazzini’s Restaurant and Banquet Hall in Woonsocket Rhode Island to lure and retain patrons into the later evening hours so that they could sell more food and drinks beyond the typical dinner rush. The Quahog Comedy Circuit’s digital promotional strategy attracted thousands of eyes to the Fazzini’s brand, filled Fazzini’s event room to its stated capacity and left attendees primed to spread the news about the great time they had at Fazzini’s by word of mouth.

The Quahog Comedy Circuit has a proven marketing strategy designed to fill the room and help you put your otherwise idle event room to use:

Below are the top 3 posts from the Fazzini’s marketing campaign:

  1. A custom video we made highlighting the event with Fazzini’s restaurant front and center reached over 7,000 potential customers.
  2. I stopped in for a meal and posted my experience reaching another 4,500 potential customers.
  3. Our standard flyer reached yet another 2,500 potential customers.

In total, by working with the Quahog Comedy Circuit, our co-branded organic and paid social media content allowed the Fazzini’s brand to be consumed by over 25,000 potential customers.

How the Quahog Comedy Circuit markets and promotes an event at your venue is proven to work. People Plan. They tag their friends. They reserve tables. And larger groups mean larger tips for your staff.

And people love it. The Quahog Comedy Circuit in an upscale comedy experience Showcasing the Funniest Comedians Under the Brightest Lights.

So, what do you need to do to attract a full room of customers to your venue?

Put your existing event space to use and let the QuahogComedyCircuit.com turn your restaurant into the talk of the town.

Because the Quahog Comedy Circuit is an original concept, it stands out. It catches people’s attention and they’re compelled to see what it’s all about. And once they do, we deliver. And we deliver big. Exceeding expectations. We electrify audiences all the time.

If earning new customers and earning more money by putting your existing event space to use is something that could help you make more money, we’d like to hear from you.

Full disclosure. We can’t work with just anyone. We have a very high standard. We need a clean and attractive event space to accommodate a minimum of 75 people. Ideally, the function room will be separate from the regular dining area to host a ticketed event. A Friday or Saturday is highly preferred. And most of all, hospitality. We’re looking for owners who have nothing but positivity and optimism in their DNA. If that’s you, then you and I need to talk.

Text or call: Dale Cover 774 765 9333
email: dalecover@gmail

See the Quahog Comedy Circuit in action here: http://quahogcomedycircuit.com

I look forward to hearing from you. Have a blessed day.

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